Scheduled Pick-up Services:  By far the most convenient way to manage the disposal of your sensitive material is through our scheduled pick-up service.  Shred Legal provides locked security consoles free of charge to customers.  Our containers are placed in convenient locations throughout your office.  You and your staff then simply place sensitive material into one of the containers.  There is no need to sort or remove paper clips, staples, or any other type of binding. On a regular basis, Shred Legal’s courteous staff will empty your containers and then shred their contents on-site. 

One-Time, Purge Services:  If you have a large stockpile of tax records, bank statements, obsolete client files, or just about any type of confidential information that you need to safely purge, Shred Legal can help.  With one call, you will feel confident knowing that we will dispose of your sensitive information securely, conveniently, and cost effectively.

Shred Legal is environmentally friendly!

With the growing concern over environmental issues, at Shred Legal we understand the importance of recycling.  Therefore, all of the shredded waste produced by our mobile shredders is baled and sold to paper mills and recycling centers where the paper will be converted into reusable material.