Pricing By the Minute/Hour

Shredding services use many different methods to price their service. The reason for this is the various types of equipment used by shredding companies. Be sure to consider all the following if you’re looking for the least expensive service.

Pricing by the minute or hour: Think about this for a second. No piece of equipment or person can work 100%, 100% of the time. If the equipment isn’t working 100%, the job is going to take longer.

If the employee has a bad back, tired feet, sore arms, hangover, likes to talk, takes smoking breaks, etc., the job is going to take longer. If you’re the first customer of the day, you might get a fresh employee. If not, how much time is added to the job. A couple minutes is a lot if you’re being charged $4 a minute.

Be careful if you’re comparing hourly rates. Example: A company may tell you that they charge $115/hr. and another service may charge $200/hr. If the first company takes 2 hours to shred 50 boxes and the second company can shred 50 boxes in one hour, then you’ll save $30 by using the $200/hr. company.

Pricing by the minute or hour promotes slow work and equipment. Also, when does the clock start? Are you being charged for setup or removing the material from your facility?

Pricing by the Pound

This way of charging eliminates the above concerns, but unless you’re watching everything being weighed, do you really know what you’re paying for?

Pricing by the hour, minute or pound makes it impossible for you to get an accurate quote upfront. No company can tell you how long it will take or weigh over the phone. You won’t know what the actual cost will be until the job is done. You could be in for a shock!

We free employees to do their real job!

Pricing by the Container: Cost Effective!

The most cost effective way to price shredding is by the container. Whether the container is a shredding console or bin or a particular size box, you simply get the price and multiply it by the number of containers or boxes. This way, you have a very good idea as to cost before the shredding company arrives. This is especially important if your company requires a purchase order before scheduling.

Be aware that some companies may have charges for setup, travel, etc. Minimum charges will range from $0 to $120 per visit. Be sure to ask about hidden charges.

We hope the above information will help you make a more informed decision.

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