Why Outsource

Why Outsource?

Your Internal personnel should not be responsible for destroying certain information. Common sense dictates that highly sensitive information like payroll information and materials that involve labor relations or legal affairs should not be left to entry level employees for shredding. In addition, competition sensitive information is best protected from them as well.

No one knows the value of certain information to competitors than your employees. Additionally, lower wage employees often have significant economic motivation to capitalize on their access to information. The only acceptable alternatives are to have the materials destroyed:

  • under the supervision of upper management (expensive and time consuming) or
  • by a carefully selected document destruction company: Shred Legal

Often, information that should be shredded is thrown away. People that are responsible for destroying documents in the office frequently just tear the paper by hand. This is not an acceptable procedure for the disposal of information that is mandated by law to be destroyed.

Additionally, you may feel secure that your offices are locked and no one has access to your material. However, material that is confidential and left on desk tops, in boxes, etc. is available to be stolen by janitorial staff, disgruntled employees, etc.

If your confidential but outdated information is important, then keep it under lock and key everyday in a free, lockable security container provided by Shred Legal.

Cost Savings
If you are shredding using a small office shredder and you spend as little as two (2) hours per month, you would likely save money by having a professional document destruction company shred your material. Shred Legal will provide FREE LOCKING CONTAINER for your office for regular route customers.

The cost of monthly scheduled service is often less than the cost of two hours of wages and benefits of a typical entry level employee.

Identity Theft
To protect your customers and patients as well as yourself and your employees fromidentity theft, never discard information which contains personal information such as SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, NAMES, ADDRESSES, etc. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. It is vital you destroy outdated information such as the following: Payroll History and Records, Student Records, Job applications, Tax filings.

Corporate Espionage and
Protecting your Confidential Material

By the simple act of discarding data in the trash, the court system holds that the information is NOT valuable to you and therefore the court system will not support the protection of that data. If the data is taken from the dumpster, the court will not punish the dumpster diver for the simple act of taking the data.

Your trash is considered by business espionage professionals as the single most available source of competitive and private information from the average business. This includes incidental records such as drafts of proposals, routing slips, etc. The information, which needs protection and could be in your trash now includes:

  • Customer Account lists
  • Business plans and projections
  • New product designs
  • Financial statements
  • Payroll detail and Cancelled checks