Muskegon Paper Document Shredding Service

Muskegon Paper Document Shredding Service

Do not trust just any Muskegon paper shredding service with your sensitive information. The only company that makes protecting your business their business is Shred Legal.

In recent years, the importance of finding a trustworthy document shredding service in Muskegon MI has increased with added legislation regulating consumer information. The responsibility of finding a paper shredding service in Muskegon MI that will handle customers’ information safely falls on the business owner, so here is some information that will help with informed decision making.


We have been “AAA” certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. NAID has only awarded this certification to a handful of companies nationwide, and with this certification comes responsibility. Our Muskegon paper shredding service is constantly subject to unannounced inspection, ensuring your documents are being handled properly 100 percent of the time — no cutting corners.

Environmentally friendly:

By choosing our document shredding in Muskegon MI for your destruction needs, you are helping to save 17 trees from being cut down, 100 gallons of fuel from being burnt, 7,000 gallons of fresh water and preserving 90 cubic feet of landfill space for every ton of paper we recycle.


We offer flexible paper shredding in Muskegon MI. One size does not fit all when it comes to paper shredding needs, and our mobility allows us to work with you to determine a pick-up schedule that works. We will never rope you into excessive, long-term contracts, and, because we charge by the container, you will always know what your bill is going to be.

After working with Shred Legal for just a few minutes, it will become clear to you why we offer the best Muskegon document shredding service available. Our document shredding service in Muskegon MI puts your business’ needs first. You will ever have to worry about the trustworthiness of our Muskegon paper shredding service. Get a hold of us immediately, and let us get to work protecting your business.