Milford Paper Document Shredding Service

Milford Paper Document Shredding Service

Shred Legal has offered secure, on-site Milford paper shredding service since 2005. You might be wondering a few things about document shredding service in Milford MI. We want to answer your questions and explain why Shred Legal’s document shredding in Milford MI is the top choice.

What is “on-site” shredding?

  • On-site shredding is just what it sounds like. Our paper shredding service in Milford MI comes to your business and shreds your sensitive documents right then and there, taking away only the remains of the shredded materials.

Why do I want “on-site” shredding services?

  • There are many reasons why on-site services can help you, but two stick out the most. First of all, on-site shredding protects your reputation. Since your documents are all destroyed properly before we even leave your property, there is no risk of your information getting leaked or lost. This brings us to the second reason why you want an on-site Milford paper shredding service: peace of mind. Since you know your materials were destroyed, you do not have to worry about what’s happening with them. You see it done on your own property.

What should I have Shred Legal destroy for me?

  • We can destroy any paper records you have. Some of the most important records to put through paper shredding in Milford MI include memos, printed emails, telephone logs, visitor logs, receipts and employee information such as social security numbers, addresses, schedules, payroll information and more. Although some of this information may not seem confidential, none of this should be shared outside of your business. That’s why Shred Legal’s Milford document shredding service takes care of it for you on the premises.

Is Shred Legal environmentally friendly?

  • Yes we are! In fact, when we shred your documents, we save over 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water and 90 cubic feet of landfill space. Our document shredding service in Milford MI is committed to helping keep our Earth healthy.

We can set you up with a free trial today. From there, you can decide if you require regular visits from Shred Legal’s Milford paper shredding service or if you just need a one-time shred.