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Grandville Document Shredding

Trusting the wrong Grandville document shredding company with your confidential documents could be disastrous. With identity theft and corporate espionage on the rise, many are finding they made the wrong choice in whom they chose to do their paper shredding in Grandville MI.

  • Flexibility: We understand that all businesses are not created equally. Some require more document shredding in Grandville MI than others. That is why we offer flexible scheduling. If you need weekly document pick-ups, a one-time shred, or any other frequency plan, we can help.
  • Variety: Few realize the long list of documents that our Grandville document shredding operation covers. While we certainly can destroy any paper materials you have, we can also handle sensitive non-paper materials such as employee badges, security uniforms, and electronics. We can perform data wipes on all these technological storage devices.
  • Peace of mind: Shred Legal has obtained certification that few Grandville MI paper shredding companies have. We have been AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction thanks to our stringent procedures and intense employee training.
  • Law abiding: There are now many state and federal laws in place to protect consumer safety such as HIPPA, FACTA and GLB. Non-compliance with these, or other information destruction laws, could leave you open to fines or even criminal or civil charges. Our quality of Grandville paper shredding is compliant with these regulations.

In an age where we have only become more dependent on paper documents, it is important to protect our information. Shred Legal’s paper shredding in Grandville MI allows you to do so in a way that is completely safe.

Do not make the mistake of trusting the wrong Grandville document shredding company — look for the AAA certification. Contact us today to see how we can handle your needs.