Forest Hills Document Shredding

Forest Hills Document Shredding

Shred Legal’s Forest Hills document shredding can help your business thrive through efficient paper waste management. Whether you need to get rid of a bunch of sensitive documents all at once, or if you need our services on a regularly scheduled basis, our paper shredding in Forest Hills MI can help you.

There are many things you need to carefully dispose of through Forest Hills MI document shredding:

  • Personal information: Anything with names, phone numbers, addresses, payroll information, insurance information, social security numbers and work schedules needs to be disposed of properly. This protects your employees as well as your business.
  • Protocol information: Outdated schedules, memos, printed emails, letters and visitor logs, should not be tossed in the trash, but rather disposed of through a trustworthy Forest Hills paper shredding company.
  • Financial information: Business receipts, salary scales, bonus schedules, budgets and other similar documents should be sent through Shred Legal’s Forest Hills document shredding service, as well.

All of these items, and more, should be disposed of carefully for various reasons:

  • We rely on paper heavily. We need paper alongside technology for daily tasks, which means we use a lot of it. Our paper shredding in Forest Hills MI takes care of the paper waste that otherwise might overwhelm your office.
  • Corporate fraud and espionage are serious threats. This is not just a risk for big, high profile companies, either. Any business is at risk.
  • Personal fraud and identity theft are serious risks, as well. If you do not dispose of your employees’ sensitive information properly through Shred Legal document shredding in Forest Hills MI, you are directly putting them at risk.

We can help you enjoy the benefits of paper products without the risks that come with them. We do this in an environmentally friendly manner in order to help the earth support our reliance on paper products.

Contact Shred Legal for Forest Hills document shredding and more information on how to keep your business and employees safe.