Frequently Asked Questions

What should be destroyed?
With new legislation becoming ever stricter and identity theft on the rise, it is wise to destroy just about everything that is generated of a private nature and not on a retention schedule. Some examples are:

Memos, Price Lists, Tax Records, Receipts, Letters, Any document with social security numbers, visitor logs, training records, etc..see more

What should we know about selecting a shredding service?
The most important aspect of any service is to verify that they actually do the destruction. One of the best ways to verify this is to select a mobile document shredding company. That way, you can be assured that the shredding is being done right at your door. There are many companies that try and cut cost by just unloading thier paper with a recycling facility or by other means, which ultimately lowers the security of their service. Also, selecting a AAA NAID Certified company who is bonded and insured demonstrates that you have made an educated decision about protecting confidential information with care, diligence, and respect for the law and your customers. Shred Legal possesses both of these qualities.
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How do you ensure the security of our documents?
All material is unlocked from your shredding box and directly deposited into the shredder on your premises.

For one-time purge jobs can we keep the banker boxes?
Yes, we can dump the contents of the boxes into one of our containers for transport leaving you with the empty boxes.

How is your pricing determined?
Our pricing is determined by the container for route customers and by the box for large one time purge customers.

What is the difference between “per container” and “per minute” pricing?
Shred Legal favors pricing per container rather than per minute for shredding. Charging per minute provides great protection for the “per minute” shredding company, but can be very unfriendly to you, the customer. Per container vendors charge by the size of the box that holds the paper, whether it takes one hour or five hours. Typically, per container pricing is cheaper by 15%-30%.

When do you issue a certificate of destruction?
Your Certificate of Destruction and invoice are combined and sent out daily via email.

Should we remove paper clips, fasteners, staples, or binders?
Our mobile shredding trucks are equipped to destroy the above-mentioned items with no difficulties.

Can you send someone out to our facility to make recommendations on getting started with a destruction program?
We would be more than happy to send a representative to your facility and make suggestions on frequency and the best location for containers. At that time we can explain legislation that directly effects you or your company and come up with the best way to become compliant.